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Soundscholar provides a more complete set of tools for managing your music blog than platforms not specifically targeted for musicians. This means more time communicating ideas and making music, and less time wrestling with software.

It also provides a convenient way for musicians to organize and access their repertoire information and related resources, and to communicate with others about specific works in their repertoire.

Soundscholar supports threaded (bulletin-board style) discussions, audio, video, graphic files, pdf files, search, filter, logs, and generated useful statistics.

Soundscholar's Braintrust feature provides a simple means of communication with others to exchange information, ideas and resources.

The Log System provides a highly organized and convenient way to store notes and capture observations about your repertoire. Comments can be linked to works as a whole, to sections, or even to individual measures. The same is true for audio, video, scores, sources, PDF files, graphics, and notation files (Finale/Sibelius, etc).
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