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Client Remarks:

 Tom reached out to me after seeing my website online. Needless to say I was a little leery of what may have been self promotion, but it soon became apparent that Tom was sincere; he loved his work, he was very experienced and really good at what he did. With absolutely no pressure on his part, we brainstormed about my website and he was very quick to understand the problems inherent in my particular project and I could see that he knew how it could all be indexed and cross referenced. So I gave him the “go-ahead”, and never looked back. Tom made my site look so professional, and had all the materials and resources so well organized, that anyone just dropping in there could easily find what they are looking for. Whenever I had an idea or a question, he was very prompt in his responses and always resourceful and professional in working out solutions, — better solutions than I could ever come up with. I highly recommend him. 
- Heather De Rome
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